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Who We Are

It all began in 1982. As a young man of 28, I decided it was time to start a new chapter in my life. Having been involved with hot rods since the age of 10, grease, wrenches, drag racing and a burning desire to learn about engines, led me to open Machine Tech, an automotive machine shop in Oceanside California.

In the beginning the shop's focus was to service local area car dealership's machining needs. All along, I wanted to reach out to local racers and street rodders. Being the new kid on the block, I struggled with building a reputation and proving I had what it takes to make this business a big success.

Eight months into the new business unforeseen circumstances caused me to relocate my operation. The move, although untimely, created new and exciting opportunities.

I have always had the desire to excel in the field of engine building. My goal is and always has been to produce exceptionally high quality products. It became apparent to me that my quest for knowledge and the best machinery would never end.

Fast forward to 2005, I have machining capabilities and an excellent staff beyond my wildest dreams.

Machine Tech has machined over 30,000 cylinder heads and has built over 5,000 engines of which include all forms of racing venues from drag boat racing, drag racing, monster trucks, circle track racing, hot rodders, vintage racers and sand cars.

Early dealings with the LS1 and a local company starting back in 2002 gave me an opportunity to machine over 1000 cylinder heads and dyno test over 60 GENIII power packages. These dealings prompted me to design and manufacture these unique packages. Our 500 HP Carburetor version replaces the 50 year old small block Chevrolet with modern day technology without the hassles of fuel injection. Our Supercharged version started with a clean slate which produces drivable power and achieves over 600 HP on pump gas.

Over 25 years of experiences and the desire for speed keeps me striving to supply the very highest quality product with very little hassle. Contact our staff today to see how we can help you with your "need for speed"!

Monte Woodard

(760) 434-4935
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